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Art on Surfboards

Today, the demand for customized products is at an all time high, and the world of art and surfboards is no
exception. Maui Longboards Hawaii has created a revolutionary way to turn an ordinary surfboard or stand up
paddle board, kite board or skate board into an extraordinary piece of artwork.
For the past six years, Maui native and Maui Longboards CEO, Shone Sempell, has proved that his company on
the cutting edge. Maui Longboards’ unique process gives them the ability to laminate any image their clients desire
onto the board of their choice, using a proprietary fabric called HG Photocloth and UV resistant inks.
The state of the art process uses a special HG Photocloth that produces more vibrantly colored detail and a
durable, fully rideable piece of personal art. The process also provides photographic detail unmatched on other
Their HG Photocloth is applied during the glassing process, and is not a sticker or surface decal. The material
allows for photographic quality and detail that cannot be achieved by airbrushing. It is produced using UV resistant
inks, guaranteeing that the board can be used in the sun without fading.
“Our customers have the option of sending us their own art, choosing from images in our web gallery, or working
directly with our art design team” said Sempell, an avid surfer himself. “We can reproduce anything from photos,
original art, scans, sketches, and company logos. There is really no limit to what we can print on the boards.”
Maui Longboards art concept has attracted a rather impressive clientele that includes Patron Tequila, the Duke’s
Oceanfest in Waikiki, ESPN Mike and Mike Show, EA Sports, Maui Invitational, Kymani Marley; son of Reggae
Superstar Bob Marley, Milwaukee Tool Company, Haleakala Solar, Jim Dunn Racing, Tap It Brewing Co., Maui
Boarding Co., and many other businesses and non-profits.
“These boards are great for personal use, promotional events and can really make a business standout,” said
Sempell.” They look great hanging in your home, your office, a corporate event, or anywhere else you want to
showcase the art.”
To go along with the company’s Aloha with quality results, Maui Longboards offers clients full control to customize
every aspect from the color, shape, and artwork of each board. They want to give customers the ability to be
able to create something unique that has no limits to how creative one wants to be. There is really no limit to
what can be created using our HG Photocloth. This is truly the next generation of Surf Art you can ride.
Contact Maui Longboards for more info on how to order!
Maui Longboards
Tel: (808) 688-8008
Email: sales@mauilongboards.com
Website: http://mauilongboards.com

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